HomeVestors of America

Initial Franchise Fee$18,000
Capital Required $44,000 ~ $347,250
Number of units 838
Investment Level $50,001 ~ $100,000
Franchising Since1996

HomeVestors®, the WE BUY UGLY HOUSES® company, is the first and largest national franchise for the professional real estate investor. Owners of HomeVestors franchises specialize in buying and selling houses. HomeVestors provides a powerful name brand, training, a professional marketing program,financing for qualifying purchases & repair of houses, and a system for selling the properties, quickly. The Dallas based company was incorporated and began selling franchises in 1996.

Who Are We?

The HomeVestors idea began in Dallas, Texas in 1989, with a real estate broker named Ken D’Angelo. Ken bought so many homes, he decided to transform his brokerage into a home-buying business. By 1996, Ken was ready to take his business even further. He named this new venture HomeVestors and sold his first five franchises in the Dallas area. He figured out how the franchises could advertise together, share vendors, and route calls to each other through their phone system, and he eventually expanded to Kansas City. When he had 20 offices up and running, he moved into Atlanta. HomeVestors of America® is now comprised of more than 800 franchises spanning 45 states, and is growing every day.

The HomeVestors business model is built on a foundation of responsible business practices and high ethical standards, which our franchisees embody. Rather than competing, our franchisees act as mentors to one another, sharing vendors and advice. All of our independently owned and operated franchisees are supported centrally with mass advertising support from our nationally recognized “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brand, proprietary home evaluation and content management software, deep knowledge of the industry, and financial resources.

What Do We Do

HomeVestors franchisees find people in ugly real estate situations and help them lay down their burdensome property by paying cash and closing quickly on houses.

We then rehab the homes either for sale to other investors or homebuyers, or to hold onto themselves as rental properties.

In doing so, we help the owners get out of their “ugly” housing situation, enabling them to move on with their lives.

At the same time, we provide opportunities for new renters and first-time homebuyers in the area, while dramatically improving the neighborhoods we invest in.

And it’s worked. We’ve bought over 75,000 houses, and we’ve been the leading cash buyer of houses in the United States since 1996—back when we were just five Texas offices sharing a phone line.

HomeVestors is the only national real estate investment franchise

Unlike most real estate franchises, we work specifically in the home investment niche, where we set ourselves apart from the competition of traditional realtors and brokers. As an independently owned and operated franchise owner, you get to manage your own investments while also benefitting from our national network of knowledge and resources. We know our system works—we’ve built over 800 franchisees in 45 states, and have bought more than 75,000 houses.

The HomeVestors Method


We start our week-long training session with the nuts and bolts: the tools you’ll use and the laws and regulations you need to know. But ultimately, this business is about people, and more than half our training is focused on teaching you how to understand, communicate, and build relationships with the sellers and buyers you meet, from the first phone call to the closing table and beyond.


We give you everything you need to invest smart, including our ValueChek® software, to help you put dollars and cents on the cost of repairs—before you close on a house, as well as our loan software and contact management program to keep you organized and informed every step of the way. Also, our contact management program helps new and experienced investors easily share information between people and devices on the cloud, as well as track leads, offers, rehabs, follow-ups, and more.


The real training starts on the job. Our Development Agent program pairs every new investor with an experienced franchise owner—someone who can show you how to get it done, because they do it every day. Your mentor will be there to guide you through each step of your process and help you avoid costly mistakes.


With your feet on the ground, watch your investment build wealth as you grow equity with each home you buy. We’ll provide you with unparalleled support and mentorship, so that you can take on lead after lead, generated by the We Buy Ugly Houses marketing, and plan your next moves with a steady income stream from your rental properties.


Let us first start by saying that the program works! With no real estate experience, we were blessed with an introduction to HomeVestors. We were told that if we follow the system and don’t try to recreate the wheel, we would do well. HomeVestors has enabled us to get deals, evaluate properties, close and finance the transactions, rehab the homes and sell every property that has come to us. The most important aspect of what HomeVestors does is to look out for the best interest of our clients or the people we are there to help. When we saw the consistency of this philosophy from upper management to the local franchise, we were sold. This opportunity was truly God sent!

-Dave and Patty Brown

Fairbrook Properties, Inc

Los Angeles, CA

I have a background in the commodities trading industry. I've also owned and managed rental properties on a part-time basis for several years. I bought because I was buying into a proven system and model for the acquisition of properties below market value. Systems and supports are strong brand recognition, ongoing training and support, an established network of investors and contractors, and mentorship from an extremely successful development agent who offers guidance and advice as needed.

-George Flannick

Chicago, Illinois

"I am a VERY happy HVA Full Franchise owner. Prior to working with HVA, I was not a real estate investor but did come from a financial background. After speaking with a few franchisees and hearing about what it takes to be successful, I decided that it made sense to me and I jumped right in. I started off purchasing an associate franchise because the idea of having a mentor was right for me. Throughout my previous carrier, I always had a mentor and I knew how crucial it is to have one. My mentor or DA is/was fantastic every step of the way from me being a novice to becoming a successful real estate investor. Even though I am now a FULL franchisee, my DA continues to give me well thought out advice. In addition to working with my DA, all of the franchisees try to help each other out. Just like how my DA is willing to help me, I am more than happy to help out my fellow franchisee."

-Brett S.

Chicago Full Franchisee


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